Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the frequently asked questions related to your insurance contract with Metlife.

When should I pay my premiums?

Periodical premiums are paid on certain dates about which we inform you by sending bills in advance.

For customers who are paying premiums by direct debit, bills are not sent.

In what frequency can I pay my premiums?

Depending on the type of your policy, you may pay the premiums annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.


What important information should I know about the premium payment by direct debit?

Payment by direct debit is the convenient way of paying your premiums. This money transfer will cost you neither time, nor additional costs. The only thing you should have is an account in one of Lithuanian banks. The additional fees for transactions are covered by MetLife.

What should I do if I lost or didn't receive the bill for payment?

In case you have lost or haven’t receive your bill for payment, please contact our customer service centre by email: or by phone: +370 5 2491726, +370 5 2491730.  

I haven’t paid my premium in time. How should I act?

According the terms and conditions of your policy, there is a grace period of 30 days during which your insurance protection is still in force. You can catch up with premium payment during these 30 days.

What if my needs over the time has changed ?

It is fully understandable that within long term of your contract your needs may change, so you are wellcome to make variuos changes in your contract while its in force, i.e. to change the frequency of premium payment, to cancell additional agreements, to decrease the face amount or insurance term, to change the beneficiaries, your contact information, etc.

For more information, please contact our customer service centre by email: or by phone: +370 5 2491726, +370 5 2491730. 

What should do if I lost my policy?

Please notify our customer service centre in written and MetLife will deliver you the policy duplicate as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact our customer service centre by email: or by phone: +370 5 2491726, +370 5 2491730.

My financial situation has changed and I can't afford to pay same amount of premiums as before. What is the possible solution for me?

MetLife provides several options for its customers in case of financial difficulties:

  • an additional agreement “Guarantee” - MetLife will waive your premiums in case you had an accident and lost ability to work and earn income;
  • MetLife will cover your premiums from your policy cash value in case you undergo the difficult financial situation and cannot pay for your endowment contract.

For more information, please contact our customer service centre by email: or by phone: +370 5 2491726, +370 5 2491730.

What should I do in case of insured event?

What to do in case of insured event?

Inform us about your insured event.

When information about insured event must be provided?

Please inform us about the insured event within 7 days since event date. Please indicate the names and surnames of injured person and policy owner, policy number, also provide us with the short description of the event (data and circumstances of the event, type of injury, diagnosis).

Application in written form should be submitted to the company within 30 days since the event date. Please fill in the application for insurance benefit - Form I-01.

Information about insured event should be provided:

  • by e-mail:, or
  • by calling to our Customer service centre: +370 5 249 1726, +370 5 249 1730, or
  • by sending an application in written form by mail to our correspondence adress: Metlife TUnZIR scanning centre, Užubalių k., Avižienių pšt., LT-14180 Vilniaus r.sav.

If you are insured by group insurance contract at your workplace, inform your employer about the event.

The insured event happened abroad. What should I do?

If the insured event happened abroad, most important is to have medical documents proving the injury, diagnosis and treatment.

How fast the insurance benefit is paid?

The benefits are paid within 30 days after all required documents are submitted to the company.