In July 2021, we announced that NN Group signed an agreement to acquire MetLife companies in Poland. The transaction was successfully finalized and MetLife Poland is now a part of the stable, international NN Group that has been present in Poland for 26 years and is the owner of Nationale-Nederlanden companies and Notus.

Ultimately, MetLife Poland companies will merge with Nationale-Nederlanden companies. With this move, as a bigger company, we will be able to even more efficiently help our customers to take care of what matters most: life, good health and financial security. However, until the merger is complete, we will operate as separate businesses.

MetLife will continue to perform all contracts made with customers and maintain the high customer service standards.

Nothing changes for MetLife customers and they do not have to take any action.

In accordance with the law, a change of ownership (shareholder) has no effect on existing obligations towards customers.

  • All contracts concluded remain in force. We will carry them out in accordance with the terms and conditions that they contain. 
  • We continue to operate under the name MetLife in the same way as before.
  • Our telephone numbers and website address remain unchanged.
  • Our customers’ affairs continue to be taken care of by MetLife professionals, and benefits are paid by MetLife. 
  • Our customers’ money is managed by the same team of specialists.


All emails sent to MetLife will be automatically redirected to the recipient’s address in the domain till 30 September 2022. We will respond to them from the addresses ending with

1. Who is NN Group?

NN Group is a stable, international financial group based in the Netherlands, which has been operating in the Polish market for 26 years, currently under the Nationale-Nederlanden brand.

2. Why did NN Group decide to acquire MetLife companies?

The acquisition of MetLife companies is a unique opportunity for NN Group to further strengthen the value of its business and its leading position in Poland and in European markets.

3. What does this change of ownership mean for MetLife customers?

Nothing changes for MetLife customers. They do not have to take any action. All contracts remain in force in accordance with their terms and conditions and will continue to be serviced on the existing basis by a team of MetLife professionals.

4. Will the acquisition of MetLife by NN Group affect my contract?

No, the acquisition of MetLife by NN Group (the owner of Nationale-Nederlanden companies in Poland) will not affect the validity of the existing contracts made by MetLife with its customers. Nothing changes for MetLife customers, and they do not have to take any action in connection with the transfer of ownership to NN Group.

5. In the event of a change of ownership, can the insurer terminate an insurance contract?

No, as an insurer, we cannot terminate a contract. Nor can we introduce in the contract or in the general terms and conditions of insurance a clause which will entitle us to terminate the contract. On the top of that, we are committed to continue to serve our customers and deliver on our obligations to our customers.

6. Will NN Group be able to amend existing insurance contracts?

No. No insurer may change insurance contracts that are already concluded without the Customer's consent. In order to make any change to a contract, the insurer would have to inform the customer of the change and the customer would have to accept it.

7. Is the way insurance contracts are renewed changing?

Insurance contracts are renewed in the same way as before.

8. Is the way premiums are paid changing?

The way premiums are paid is not changing. The account numbers for payments remain unchanged.

9. How can customers contact MetLife now?

Contact for matters related to insurance taken out with MetLife TUnŻiR: tel. 8‑5 2491726, 8‑5 2491730, email:

Emails sent to MetLife addresses ending with will be automatically redirected to respective addresses in the domain till 30 September 2022. We will respond to them from the address.